Posted by: gnosticwill | April 21, 2009

The Importance of Sex to the Spiritual Life


While reading my favorite book “The Flight of the Feathered Serpent” I came across something beautiful that spoke to me about sex and where it fits in the spiritual path.

Here is an excerpt from the book.

It’s a beautiful poem and I get so much from it, every time I read it, that I feel the need to share…

Like much of this book it needs a lot of study, quiet thought and meditation to really get the most from.

I find that the longing to know, the longing to understand, is an important key, and through that longing many answers have and will continue to come…

God gave the sun the earth as wife and blessed that love when he created the moon.

In this way he also created you, woman, to pour His life over human love.

And so that in the pleasure of loving the soul finds the path of return to where there is always today, where there is no tomorrow.

For just as life goes to death for love, so does love re-emerge from death where there is an awakened heart that knows how to contain it in its love and in its death.

With each kiss a bit of the soul dies when forgetting what life is in love.

And, likewise, with each kiss, it can revive the soul of the one who knows how to die.

Oh, paradox of creation!

In each breath of love there is a sigh which is eternity.

And each caress the fire of death and resurrection also burns.

Raise the simple and plain love to the highest summits!

And let loving and kissing be a prayer of life to the most intimate being which is the truth and is God.

For it is not you who loves but the love of the Father who lives within you.

Yours will be His most powerful blessing if in each kiss you give and receive you sanctify His name, keeping his presence in your most intimate yearnings.

And in your love, look first for the kingdom of God and his justice too, for everything else, even the privilege of being, will be given to you as well.

And don’t be afraid to love, lest be afraid of those who could turn your love into prejudice or evil.

Make your union a serene path towards the heavens.

While you carry his presence in your hearts, you will truly be loving God above all things as well as loving one another.

And in the instant of your supreme happiness, you will be one with Him and His creation.”

from The Flight of the Feathered Serpent.

or listen to Belzebuub talk about Alchemy and why we need it for our spiritual work



  1. Hi, you have been busy , thats quite a bit of work youve got going, thought Id like to do something along the same lines, Ill keep watching , I know what you mean about the books and how they ring true and bring out the best in us all. Cheryl.

  2. Hello — I love the poem!

    Yes, I think that sex is neither good nor bad, but how we approach sex determines whether it falls under the dangerous “lust” category among the seven deadly sins, or whether our sexuality is sacred.

    Thanks for your great post!
    Dr. Deb

  3. Hello Will – great job on the blog and I enjoy what you are writing. I will definitely stop back often! A friend of mine will be particularly interested in this post and I will forward to her.

    Love, Mj

  4. My wife and I chose this poem to be read during our wedding ceremony. Magical words we can all appreciate. Thanks for posting. And a great book too.

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