Posted by: gnosticwill | May 27, 2009

Practising NOT doing Gnosis

This heading probably needs a little explanation, but once explained, I am reasonably sure most people will be able to relate.


A few years ago while practising Karate in class with the Sensei and one other student, the Sensei asked us to go through all the Kata (prearranged sequence of Karate moves) we needed for our next grading. Being the junior student I went first – when I finished the Sensei gave me some pointers and left me to practise.

When the other student (who I think was a brown belt at the time) had her turn, she got up to the 5th Kata without incident. In that particular Kata there is a more difficult kick – a jumping spinning kick.

“Stop!” yelled the Sensei, so of course I stopped; only he was not talking to me. “What was that?”

“Jumping spinning crescent kick Sensei” was the hesitant reply.

“Show me again”  “once more!”

“Have you demonstrated this Kata in your last two gradings?”

“Yes Sensei”

“That kick should have been perfect a long time ago!”

“I practise it all the time Sensei”

“NO! You are practising NOT doing it”

The Sensei demonstrated. “This is how to practise it.”

I watched the whole thing, amazed. He really hit the nail on the head, NOT Practising it.

It makes me wonder how many times have I practised NOT doing Gnosis? I have been given so many wonderful tools in Gnosis and so rarely have I made good use of them.

Recently I have started to learn how to investigate things better, and so many mistakes are becoming clearer. Pushing through, making efforts these things are not enough I need to really search, improve try different ways of practicing NOT doing Gnosis, until I discover the way to practice…

Now I Will judge my success by the results not by the efforts.


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