Posted by: gnosticwill | November 2, 2009

What I have learned from Gnosis

jof_unio_myst_487Self-knowledge is the key to inner change, to understanding the world and yourself. Here are some of the recommended exercises taught at Gnosis to help gain it…

1) Awareness of the present moment
2) Self-observation – to see what is going on within
3) Concentration – to focus the mind
4) Meditation – to still the mind and get information
5) Astral projection – to have out-of-body experiences and to explore spiritual realms
6) Chanting mantras – to temporarily intensify psychic faculties

1) Awareness of the present moment

Since practising Awareness my life has taken on a richness and a reality that can only be understood through experiencing it. When you consider that our senses are continually active – receiving information from moment to moment, receiving sights, sounds, feelings, tastes and smells – then consider how much of that we are actually present for, or how often we perceive only the chattering of the mind…

When I first started to practice Awareness I learned to focus my attention on the external world – the world of my senses. I learned simply to observe everything in my sight, to perceive the distance between things – the colours, the textures, the shadows etc. It was an amazing insight into a world I thought I already knew… To be present for all that, then to add the Awareness of sound and eventually all the senses, was something that changed my understanding of the world and myself on a fundamental level.


One trick I learned at Gnosis ( is to look then look again. It sounds too simple, but it’s both profound and powerful when used…


Look around and pick something in the place where you are. Look at it – now close your eyes or look away – now look at it again. Did you notice that when you looked back you were aware of more detail? Did you experience the thing you looked at with more clarity? Was it richer? For me it was a huge difference. Now make efforts to bring this into your life – notice all the trees where you are, etc…


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