Posted by: gnosticwill | November 11, 2009

Uncover the Truth. The Flight Feathered Serpant

I have been reading possibly the most beautiful book ever written.

The Flight of the Feathered Serpent

It’s a big call I know, but you simply have to read it. If you do read it for your self then you will know what I mean.

Every page speaks to the soul, giving wonderful spiritual teaching that only someone who has the knowledge could have written.

Anyone interested in the Esoteric will love The Flight of the Feathered Serpent.

This book has the unmistakable ring of truth.

Here is an extract from the book.

The feathered serpent must fly. When you know what the flight of the feathered serpent is, you will know what to do. Until then…make it clear that the message of the immortals vibrates throughout the centuries.


The mysterious impulse which focuses your attention upon these manuscripts is nothing but the echo of the cry which has awakened the immortal essence of your own blood. And by invoking the glorious forces of life, simultaneously you have evoked the sinister forces of death.

The former and the latter are yourself, so do not fear.

Confront them, know them, subdue them.

Your destiny is to be master of both.

And even though you often believe you have lost the path which takes you to the awakening, you will never be alone. And your losing the way is nothing but a testing ground in which your alert intelligence attempts shy steps along all tracks, shaking off the lethargy of everything that is mortal.

It is necessary that you obtain experience.

Never ask anybody “What do I have to do?” because that is the most fatal question of all. If you ask a fool, one who is asleep, you will be inviting him to drag you into a dream and with it you will fall into a double foolishness and it will be twice as difficult to wake up again. And if you ask your question to a wise one, an awakened one, you will perceive how useless it is, because an awakened one will always answer:

“Do what you feel is best. If you put your heart in it, always acting in a state of alertness, you will gain a great experience”.

In the end you will make out of solitude and silence you most precious companions, immersing with them into the depths of yourself. You will gradually be astounded at the horror of your ‘dream’ which is your human slavery. And, by the same token your strength to fight back for your freedom will increase.

Not everyone chooses this path which takes you to the very heart of things.

If you have evoked your friends, you have also put your worst enemies on guard. The one and the other will appear within you, and in front of you, in a thousand different forms, and you will often confuse them during your first steps. Your friends will not always be the most charming or pleasant because they will deprive you of everything you regard as stable.

Then your jealous enemies, smirking, will display in front of your inner vision thousands of possibilities to elevate you to your actual condition. If you give in and bite the poisoned fruit which they offer, you will become tied up with the triple chains of illusion and of sleep that always takes over those who are naïve and do not know the value of experience and opposition.

Soon, however, you will know your friends in the infinite silence that you will throw yourself into, longing and thirsting for words of truth. It is then that you will feel that ‘something’ flowing, rough or smooth, depending on the circumstances, and the mere fact of feeling it will show you that you are on the path to the complete awakening.

Because that word that something is you yourself the Master the Creator.

From The Flight of the Feathered Serpent by Armando Cosani


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