meFor as long as I can remember I have been searching. At first I didn’t understand what it was that I was feeling; it was a vague uneasy feeling; somehow, intuitively I knew there was more to life. At the time I didn’t understand it was a longing for the truth for something Spiritual.

I had no confidence in organised religions which seemed to talk about one thing while doing another. Their priests, the very people whose example we were meant to follow were in the news for committing unspeakable acts. While people starve in many parts of the world the organised religions amass ridiculous sums of money.

This feeling made me search. During my search I tried many things from Martial Arts like Aikido and Karate to different types of Zen and Zen Buddhism – nothing seemed to satisfy this feeling.

Then I discovered Gnosis.

I was volunteering on an Aikido stand at the Mind Body Spirit Festival, and next to our stand was the Gnostic Movement……

So during a quiet time I slipped next door to have a chat… The people in the next booth were very interesting, mostly because the listened to me – no I mean really listened.

They were there to promote their courses; everything was for free which really caught my attention as everyone else I had spoken to at the Mind Body Spirit just wanted to sell me something.

The courses covered many topics like dreams and out of body experiences (OBE’s), self knowledge, awareness, the nature of consciousness, mantras and meditation. But I didn’t pay much attention to any of that, I just talked about Aikido. I still had no understanding of what that feeling was.

Luckily my girlfriend at the time picked up one of the flyers advertising a free course in Astral Travel. It must have been months later I found myself attending the Astral Travel introductory course. My girlfriend had to drag me along – she had even conscripted a mate to make sure I came; otherwise I am sure I would never have gone.

Right from the start I had to suspend my disbelief, or at least keep it to myself, as I had no experiences of so called spontaneous astral projection like some people in the audience had. (Yeah Right!)

I did enjoy one thing about the introductory course. The guy giving it said he didn’t want us to believe him; he just wanted us to listen, and take the information home to practice and investigate so we could confirm the truth or not for ourselves. It was enough to get me back to the second lecture… where that vague feeling finally started to find some satisfaction…


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